My Clay UK – Trade Accounts

Your Clay system requires hardware and a subscription plan. Clay hardware is distributed throughout the United Kingdom by ourselves and all subscriptions should be activated through the Clay homepage when activating your account.


Clay Hardware

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It’s all wireless!



The ClayIQ is the center of the Clay Universe. It connects your wireless locks to the My-Clay cloud. Mount the ClayIQ with the included mount bracket, plug it into the power outlet and activate it in your My-Clay account

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Clay Repeater

The Clay Repeater allows you to extend the distance between the ClayIQ and your locks. ClayIQ and locks can be 1—15 meters apart but each time you add a Clay Repeater you extend this with 15 meters.

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Doorlock & Cilinder

Clay Doorlocks and Cylinders fit every door, install without any drilling and are fully wireless. The locks come in different finishes and with several different handle sets to best match your building design.           

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The Clay Tag is the smallest of the Clay family but highly secure and just as good-looking. The heart of the tag holds the most secure RFID chip available in the market to make sure that its impossible to duplicate the Tag ID

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